ORAS organises every year different activities, where you as a student can get to know education politics. For example interesting lectures, debates and a big symposium every year.


The lectures organized by the lectures committee are held throughout the year. On these lectures and interactive evenings, a topic about education, education policy or other student affairs is set central. These evenings come to the students, this means that they take place on a student association or in a cozy cafe and they are open to everyone! A specialist in the field will then give the interesting lecture and afterwards you can discuss the subject while enjoying a drink. This way, you are brought in contact with topics that do not often come to light at TU but which are very enriching and interesting to students. Stay informed through facebook or the ORAS newsletter and see which evenings are interesting to you!


Once a year the symposium committee organizes a grand symposium. At this symposium a theme or question is central. Throughout the day or evening, this theme will be highlighted as broad as possible. This way you get to learn a lot about an interesting and up-to-date theme in the Delft student world. Learn more about the symposium? Read more about the symposium committee.


The ORAS association also organizes fun drinks throughout the year, both internally for members and openly for all students. These are the perfect moments to chat, to be a point of contact for the students and to make new ideas flourish. If you want to know ORAS, do you have nice ideas for the student council, or do you want to join ORAS? Come along and have a drink!

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