ORAS has several committees in which students actively work for the ORAS association. Throughout the year, the committees organize activities that are open to interested Delft students. ORAS has three committees: the Symposium committee, the Lectures committee and the Acquisition committee. Click the titles below for more info!
ORAS committees consist of enthusiastic students from all academic years of different study and student associations in Delft. Each committee is supervised by an ORAS board member and on average, commissions spend five hours a week on ORAS. Enthusiasm of commissioners is encouraged as much as possible: Besides their commission work, Commissioners are invited to join in with more ORAS activities and are actively involved in the association.

Would you like to be part of one of the ORAS committees? Every year ORAS organizes a committee interest lunch. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the date and location of the lunch! Are you already interested in joining a committee? Send an email with your motivation and short introduction of yourself to bestuur@oras.nl!

Symposium committee

Studying in Delft is great! We all share our love for technology. As an engineer you can design solutions for different problems in society, so we experience a lot of expectations. Which key questions arise? and do we have an answer? What subject is relevant to us now? Do you want to help in the organization of such a symposium? Participate in the symposium committee! In the past years there have been lectures, workshops and debates, and you are free to be creative in filling the program. Next to that you can get to know the association ORAS and participate in different activities like drinks, lectures and dinners.

Activities committee

Besides our symposium we as ORAS organise more activities! This committee is responsible for organizing different activities, lectures and events during the year, with a broad variety of subjects: how has social media an influence on politician elections, like in the USA? How can you become an entrepreneur and start the most awesome companies? What is the role of Bildung in education? These are examples of subjects from last year activities.

Acquisition committee

The acquisition committee concern themselves with approaching businesses and interested parties to sponsor the activities that ORAS has. This includes the symposium, guest lectures and of course the campaign.

In a year you learn to contact companies and convince them to sponsor. You lean to bring your message across clearly and represent ORAS in a professional manner!


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