Symposium committee

Studying in Delft is great! We all share our love for technology. As an engineer you can design solutions for different problems in society, so we experience a lot of expectations. Is there to much pressure to strive for excellence? Do we only participate in committees to pump up our CV’s? What about personal development during your study? Is self-development the only way to success? And is it still possible to develop yourself personally while dealing with study delay in a time where financial support from the government has been cut? And what about the influence from companies in our education? Is it too much?

These are just a few questions which have been discussed during the past ORAS symposia. Do you want to help in the organization of such a symposium? Participate in the symposium committee! For three quarters you will work with a group of enthusiastic students to organise a new interesting symposium. Next to that you can get to know the association ORAS and participate in different activities like drinks, lectures and dinners.

Symco 2018-2019

f.l.t.r.: Claudia, Sophie, Willem, Emma, Guus

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