Effie Leijten

Age: 21

Study programme: Life Science and Technology

I, Effie Leijten, am the president of the 6th board of ORAS. As the final responsible person of both the board and ORAS as society, I make sure to be aware of what is going on in the society. Together with Pim Hofste, Eva Schlösser and Jip de Meijer, I will write a policy for ORAS as society, which helps ORAS to be able to grow while staying within its vision. Besides this, I guide the Akcie, a committee which organizes different lectures and other ‘happenings’ which appeal to the typical active student in Delft.

Of course, active members supporting the vision of ORAS and expressing their opinions about the policy are a big part of ORAS as well. In order to inform all members about things done and encourage them to be critical, I will be responsible for all contacts inside ORAS. This job translates itself into a lot of social events for members where everyone is very approachable. As a member of ORAS, you are able to think along with what needs to change in your education! You are always welcome for a small chat in our ‘hok’ if you are interested!

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