Pim Hofste

Age: 22

Study: Mechanical Engineering

My name is Pim Hofste and I as treasurer together with Effie Leijten, Eva Schlösser and Jip de Meijer are the 6th board of ORAS. Within ORAS, along with Caspar Boersma the treasurer of our council, I am responsible for the money that flows through our society. I make sure all of our events have enough money to organize everything and that all the collections are payed. To make sure collaborations are possible with companies to support ORAS, I also guide the Acquisitions commission. This way we can make sure ORAS keeps growing!

Also associated with a growing society, is a good look at your surroundings. This way you can identify where new possibilities lie. With this in mind, I will also be looking at ORAS’ external contacts, with the goal of making a bigger name for ORAS in Delft and to increase the amount of members ORAS is rich! Our workgroups and commissions create a lot of room to think with us about a part of the TU and to develop yourself. So make sure you take a look on our Social Media and our Website if you’re interested!

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