History association

SCG 1973 – 1989

The history of the association ORAS has its roots at September 15th 1973, when SCG (Student Centrum Group) was established out of the political party CG (Centrum Group) as a counterpart of the already existing AAG (Department Action Groups) in the University Council. The structure of the Board of the University was:

  • University Council, which consisted of 1/3 students, 1/3 scientific staff and 1/3 support staff
  • The Executive Board, which carried out the decisions made by the University Council

This system was actually not that efficient. That’s why the Executive Board was gaining more power. This caused friction between the University Council and the Executive Board.

ORAS 1990 – Now

In 1989 SCG was losing votes. The party only had four seats and was very busy with their own party. Promotion, succession and the campaign were big subjects costing a lot of time. An interim board with chairman Ludo Bergkamp was going to look how to change SCG. A board was rated to be responsible for the things regarding the fraction, like the promotion, succession and the campaign. In that way the fraction could focus on the Council tasks.

To emphasize this new structure the name of the party was changed. SCG became Organisation Rational Students (ORAS).

Ten years ago, when AAG was losing votes and ORAS grew, ORAS decided to lose the board and make the fraction responsible again for all the fraction occassions. However, in 2012/2013 ORAS realised that the fraction could not carry out all the goals the association had. That’s why a new board existing of four boardmembers (three parttime boardmember and one fractionmember) was established.

The current board (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and General Boardmember) is responsible for the association ORAS, but also organises activities to promote ORAS (as an association and a party).

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