ORAS has several committees in which students are actively involved in the association ORAS. Throughout the year the committees organise activities that are open to interested students in Delft. ORAS has three committees: the Activities Committee, the Acquisition Committee, and the Campaign Organizing Committee. Click the headings below for more information!

ORAS committees consist of enthusiastic students from different study years of various study and student associations in Delft. Each committee is guided by an ORAS board member. On average the committees spend five hours a week on their ORAS committee. The enthusiasm of committee members is encouraged as much as possible: besides their committee work, committee members are invited to join more ORAS activities and are actively involved in the association.

Would you like to be part of one of the ORAS committees? Every year ORAS organises a committee lunch. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram page for the date and location of the lunch! Are you already interested in joining a committee? Then send an email with your motivation and a short introduction of yourself to!!

Campaign Organising Committee (COCo)

Every year in May there are elections for the Central Student Council. ORAS has managed to secure 7 seats each of the past few years. Achieving this result every year may not seem like such a daunting task, but it takes a lot of time and effort! That is why ORAS has set up the Campaign Organising Committee in 2019/2020. This committee prepares the campaign throughout the year to reach as many TU students as possible towards the elections.

Activities Committee (Akcie)

The Akcie committee organises various lectures, events, and stands throughout the year about all kinds of subjects: to what extent does social media influence the election results? How do you go from student to entrepreneur and set up the coolest startups? But the committee also organises fun activities like a photo contest or a pub quiz!

Acquisition Committee (Acquico)

The goal of the acquisition committee is to set up partnerships with companies! This way money is raised for the campaign and activities of the Akcie. The committee consists of four enthusiastic students who enjoy finding new companies for partnerships and keeping in touch with the current ones.