The Central Student Council

The Technical University of Delft is governed by the Executive Board, supported by two participating body’s. Both the academic and the support staff are represented by the Works Council, and the students are represented by the Central Student Council. The Central Student Council is therefore the only body that can legally represent the students of the TU Delft. To find out more about how this works, go to the section Participation at the TU Delft and to read more about the history of the Student Council, go to History of the Faction


The Organisation of RAtional Students is the oldest party on the Central Student Council, with over 44 years of experience. Therefore, we have a lot of experience in dealing with long-term projects based on a clear vision. To read more about this vision, go to the vision section. To learn more about the current council members, go to current faction and to see our predecessors go to the former factions section.

As Student Council party, we are involved in a lot of different aspects in the universities administrative system. Based on our vision, we focus on three different portfolio’s: Education, Facilities and Student Affairs. To read about the different topics in each of these portfolio’s go to the portfolios section.

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