Current faction

Faction 47 of ORAS will represent the students in college year 2019/2020. The ORAS-faction exists of 7 students this year. The faction represents our association, other associations and other people we represent with employees and the Executive Board of the TU Delft. We take part in meetings about educations, facilities and student affairs. More information about what we do, you can find here.

The Faction is made up of the following people:

Zara-Vé van Tetterode 

Function: Chair Central Student Council and Chair ORAS

Portfolio: Education

Specialization: Regulations

Email: Zara-ve@oras.nl

Emilie Jong

Function: Secretary

Portfolio: Student affairs – Profiling fund (RPF), OWee/KMT

Specialization: Research trip

Email: Emilie@oras.nl

Tim Scholts

Function: Treasurer

Portfolio: Student affairs – X (former S&C), Internationalization, Integrity, Leadership academy, Student Housing

Specialization: Finances of the TU Delft

Email: Tim@oras.nl 

Coco Langens

Function: Vice-President

Portfolio: Education

Specialization: Campaign team

Consultation: National Student Council (ISO)

Email: Coco@oras.nl

Yasmine Ouibrahim

Function: External Relations

Portfolio: Facilities – IT

Specialization: Campaign team

Consultation: Study Association Council (SVR), Student Association Council (VeRa)

Email: Yasmine@oras.nl

Hielke Piera

Function: Marketing

Portfolio: Facilities – Campus

Specialization: Board of association ORAS

Consultation: Communications TU Delft

Email: Hielke@oras.nl

Lars van der Horst

Function: Communications

Portfolio: Education

Specialization: Research trip

Consultation:  Study Association Council – Education (SVR – O), Facultary Meeting (FO)

Email: Lars@oras.nl

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