Anne-Kee Doing

Age: 21

Study: Applied Mathematics and Physics

Hey! I am Anne-Kee and in the academic year of 2018-2019 I will be the chair of the central student council and the 46th ORAS fraction. As chair I have the final responsibility for everything happening within the SC. Furthermore, I am the main contact for all the official relations inside and outside of the TU, for example the executive board and the press.

Additionally, I am focusing on education, specifically the dossiers Studysuccess, BSA, Minors and Quality Assurance. This year I will be closely involved with setting up applying for education all over campus. While this can have big consequences for students it is important we are on top of this and proclaim the voice of all the students. Also, there are new developments concerning the BSA, and it could be lowered in the nearby future.

Finally, I make sure all the regulations on the TU are correct and adjusted. Do you have questions about your rights and duties as a student? Or do you have great ideas for this year? Then you can always reach me via Anne-Kee@oras.nl.

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