Caspar Boersma

Age: 21

Study: Mechanical Engineering

My name is Caspar Boersma and in the 2018-2019 academic year I will be taking place in the Central Student Council. As treasurer I am responsible for the financial matters within the faction ORAS.

Within the Student Council as a whole I will be concerned with the campus and the appurtenant facilities. Many different topics are covered by this portfolio. Think of the quality, number and findability of study/workplaces, renovating and furnishing of education rooms, new buildings and blueprint of the campus, catering facilities and other retail (for example the new supermarket that is on campus thanks to ORAS).

In addition to the financial part within the faction, I will also be concerned with the finance of the whole university. The persistently growing number of students demands that certain affairs receive more money (think of real estate and teachers). That the available money is spent on the right things will be guided by me, by talking about the budget estimate for next year.

If you have ideas about how the campus should be shaped, questions about why money is spent on certain things, or anything else on these two subjects you can always reach me on caspar@oras.nl!

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