Coco Langens

Age: 22

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Hi! I am Coco Langens and I will be the vice president for ORAS next year (2019/2020). I take care of the vision of ORAS and make sure we everyone in my faction gives this high priority. Our vision is what students voted for during the campaign and it’s important to continue it consistent over the years.

Further I work Education, where I am responsible for the files master education, (inter)national relations, strategic agenda and minors. A very important topic is the new structure for master education. The university is going to write a plan to innovate and improve masters and I want to make sure that the opinion of students is taken into account. Next to this I am involved in the ‘call point bachelor before master rule’, new developments within the minor and I am the contact person for overarching organisations like ISO, 4TU and the IDEA League.

Last but not least, I am going to organise the campaign together with Yasmine. Just like earlier years we are going to colour the campus green and yellow and make sure that we keep our position in the student council. This is the perfect moment to share our vision and show what ORAS does for students.

Do you have questions, comments or ideas? Mail me at Coco@oras.nl 

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