Emilie Jong

Age: 21

Study: Electrical Engineering

Next year I will fulfill the function of secretary. This means that I will track all incoming and outgoing mail, manage the archive and write all minutes.

Furthermore, I will deal with the portfolio student affairs, together with Tim. Within this portfolio I will focus on the profiling fund (the follow-up of RAS). Next year there will be negotiations about the regulation of the profiling fund. For questions, input or remarks you can always contact me via e-mail or call me! You can reach me via emilie@oras.nl. Besides this, I think that it is important that you can develop yourself through extracurricular activities, so I will also be engaged in this field. For example, an extra resit moment for the active and motivated student.

Each year ORAS goes on a research trip to another university abroad to obtain ideas about a certain subject. Then, the TU Delft can take these ideas into account and potentially implement them. I will organize this trip with Lars.

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