Femke van Giessen

Age: 21

Study: Mechanical Engineering

My name is Femke van Giessen and this academic year (2018/2019) I will be the Vice President of ORAS. It is my job to make sure all seven people of our fraction follow up to the vision of ORAS. After all, the vision is what the students voted for the previous elections. Furthermore we acknowledge how important it is to consequently follow the vision and continue our work in the same direction as our predecessors.

This year I will also be working on Student Affairs. In specific with X (previous Unit Sports & Culture), internationalization and integrity. X is the place for students to expand their horizon. We, ORAS, are big fans of X because we want everyone to get extensive opportunities for personal development. With internationalisation I will for example be in conversation with InterDelft and be taking a look at minors abroad.

Last but not least, together with Charlotte I will be organizing the upcoming campaign. This is the moment for us to show the students what we stand for and what we have achieved for all students. We will make sure the campus will be coloured green-yellow for two weeks and that ORAS keeps its position in the central student council.

You can mail me at Femke@oras.nl!

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