Hielke Piera

age: 19

Study:  Aerospace Engineering

My name is Hielke Piera and I’ll be ORAS’ head of marketing during the academic year 2019-2020. Lars, the head of Communications, and I form the so called Promo Team and we will focus on ORAS’ outward appearance. This way we will ensure that the students are up to date on the ins and outs of the TU Delft. We try to utilise as many channels as possible to reach the students. You can find us on Facebook, Instragram and on www.oras.nl. As ORAS we want to gather as much input from the students in Delft as possible to represent them to the best of our abilities. 3 to 4 times a year we perform a survey on the TU called the ‘ORAS komt naar je TU-dagen’, which roughly translates to ‘ORAS comes TU you’. This way we stay up to date on the students’ opinion.

Together with Yasmine I’ll fight for better facilities for the students. I’ll focus on the facilities on the campus, and Yasmine on the facilities regarding ICT. You can think of improving the study places,  the transformation of lecture halls, and the plans for new buildings. You can also think of ameliorating the catering and retail in such a way that it serves the students. If you have any ideas for facilities on campus, please send an email to Hielke@oras.nl!

Within ORAS I’ll also be a member of the board as General Board Member. Together with the society’s part-time board I’ll organise, among other things, numerous activities for interested students who’d like to be informed of what’s happening at the university. ORAS’ board helps the faction, such that the faction can focus on tasks regarding the Student Council directly.

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