Lars van der Horst

Age: 21

Study: Architecture

Hi! I am Lars and next year I will be taking part of the student council on behalf of ORAS. I am  the Communications Commissioner. Together with Hielke Piera, the marketing Commissioner, we form the promoteam! We will inform you on everything ORAS is dealing with which concerns all students. By making posters, or posts on Facebook, Instagram or this website, you can find out what is going on. But in order to represent students as well as possible we need to know what your opinion is on things that need improvement. We do this by taking surveys. Because we need you to be there for you!

Besides promo I am busy wih the portfolio education. Within this I am responsible for the files Bachelor influx, Education in Innovation, Study counselling and Quality Assurance. The last file is about the reinvestments into the education quality. This money had come available after the termination of the study gift from the government. Besides this I am in the meeting with all faculty student councils. Here information is exchanged between the faculties and de central student council. I am also part of the SVR-O, the meeting where all study associations send their education representative to discuss these topics with each other.

So I will be in touch with a lot of decentral meetings which is useful in the central student council!

Lastly I organise the research trip with Emilie. In his trip we will visit other universities with a certain subject to do research on. We do this to gain new ideas and inspiration to improve the TU Delft! Last year for example, ORAS went to Denmark and Canada to investigate how to preserve the quality of the masters despite the growth.

Now you know exactly in what I can be a help to you! You can contact me at Lars@oras.nl.

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