Louis Marting

Age: 21

Study: Electrical Engineering

Hi my name is Louis Marting, next year I will be Communications Commissioner for ORAS. Together with Jip de Meijer we will promote ORAS to the students and we will collect as much feedback as possible. The Facebook, Instagram and website are our helpers in achieving this. Physically, we also collect and distribute information. We do this with the use of posters and taking surveys. We will be the portal for you, the students, to represent you fully next year!

Besides promo I am holder of the portfolio education. Within this portfolio my dossiers are (inter)national relations, master education, excellence, strategic agenda and the quality accord (new law). I will have lots of contact with the ISO, the 4TU and the IDEA League. With the quality accord I will focus on the reinvestments into the education at our university. This money had come available after the study gift from the government was terminated. This and more will keep me busy the coming year.

Lastly, I will organize a research trip with Mart van de Ven. In this trip we will try to gather best practices from other universities under a certain theme. Last year ORAS investigated alumni relations and how we could improve ours. What we will investigate in the coming year is still uncertain be we are very excited to make it into a very productive journey.

That’s all for me! Would you like to talk or do you have a question? Feel free to contact me at louis@oras.nl.

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