Mart van de Ven

Age: 20

Study: Areospace Engineering

As Secretary of ORAS, I will track all the incoming and outgoing post, manage the archive and write all minutes. This way I can make sure the entire faction can function perfectly and nothing important will be lost.

Most of my work will be in the field of Student Affairs, together with Femke. One of the things I will deal with is the Profiling Fund, the follow-up of the RAS-system. If you’ve got questions, remarks or input regarding the Profiling Fund, you can always contact me at mart@oras.nl. I will also use my capacities to find new ways of broadening your horizon and learning more than just Engineering things at TU Delft.

Finally I will organize the Research Trip for ORAS. In this trip we’ll go abroad to look at other universities and learn of them. We will choose one subject on which we want to focus, and hope that we can later improve the TU Delft on that part.

You can mail me at Mart@oras.nl!

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