Tim Scholts

Age: 22

Master Chemical engineering

Hi! My name is Tim and I will be part of the TU Delft student council in the year 2019/2020 for ORAS. I will be the treasurer and therefore responsible for all the financial business within my faction.

I will be responsible for all the business concerning students next to their studies. Examples are the integration of international students in the delft student society or the department for sports and culture, X. The housing problem within Delft is also of growing concern, so I will be the voice of the students in these discussions. Integrity will also be of my concern for next year.

The budget of the TU Delft and the annual number will also be of my concern, besides the financial cash flow of my own faction. I will look out for the financial interests of the student at the TU Delft, especially considering the political developments of the Netherlands. The TU Delft is growing very fast and it is important to let the financials correspond with this growth.

If you have any questions about the integration of international students or sports and culture, you can mail me at tim@oras.nl

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