Yasmine Ouibrahim

Age: 20

Study : Architecture

Hey, I’m Yasmine and this year I will fulfil the role of External Commissioner. I will keep all study and student associations informed of what ORAS is working on. Through them I also get input what’s going on within those associations, so that we can get input on our work. In order to do this as good as possible, I am an informant in the SVR (Study Associations Council).

In addition, I will manage the Facilities-IT portfolio within ORAS. This includes many different projects, like a new user environment in Collegerama and the MyTUDelft app. This year I will be engaged in realizing the findability tool and the study planning tool.  In addition, I will be occupied with the laptop project, the new printers, Brightspace and many other IT related issues.

This year, Coco and I will organize the campaign. With our enthusiasm, we will ensure that the campus will turn green-yellow for another two weeks and that ORAS will retain its position in the Student Council.

Do you have any questions and/or remarks about IT? Mail to yasmine@oras.nl

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