Zara-Vé van Tetterode

Age: 21

Study: Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis &  Management

Hey! I am Zara-Vé and in the academic year of 2018-2019 I will be the chair of the central student council and the 47th ORAS fraction. As chair I have the final responsibility for everything happening within the student council. Furthermore, I am the main contact for all the official relations inside and outside of the TU, for example the executive board and the press.

Additionally, I am focusing on education, specifically the dossiers Study success, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus, Quality Assurance and Excellence & Entrepreneurship Education. This year I will be closely involved with setting up applying for courses all over campus.

Finally, I make sure all the regulations on the TU are correct and adjusted. Do you have questions about your rights and duties as a student? Or do you have great ideas for this year? Then you can always reach me via Zara-Ve@oras.nl.

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