Fileholder: Daan Gorsse
Contact: ict@oras.nl
Last Update: August 2017, by Max Capelle

Executive summary

Collegerama helps students to be more flexible in studying. It gives you the opportunity to rewatch a difficult lecture or catch up on a missed lecture. Thanks to ORAS, each student can use Collegerama.

The New Media Centre (NMC) manages Collegerama for the TU Delft. The NMC is developed for the use of new media in our education. MOOCs, SPOCs and other movies for blended education are recorded here. You can see the following relation:

We do it for you – Collegerama
We do it with you – MOOC’s and SPOC’s
You do it Yourself – Blended Learning

History and current situation

Around 2003 Collegerama was introduced at the TU Delft. For this, ORAS put tremendous efforts in creating a broad support for Collegerama at the TU. Ever since, ORAS has been committed to Collegerama. For example, faction 44 achieved a 60% increase in recorded lectures, from 2014. More budget was released and recordings were done more efficiently.

In March 2017, the faculty student council of EEMCS took a survey to investigate the use of Collegerama at their faculty. They did, among others, research to the quality and quantity of the recordings off all subjects. Again it turned out that Collegerama is mainly used to rehearse lectures, instead of for skipping the lecture itself as most teachers fear. In June 2017, the NMC and ORAS did a similar research on every faculty. This kind of researches are important in proving the importance of Collegerama.

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