Entrepreneurship in education

Fileholder: Benjamin Schoemaker
Contact: ondernemerschapsonderwijs@oras.nl
Last Update: August 2017, by Valérie de Vlam


Entrepreneurship at TU Delft can be divided into two forms of supply: Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE), which provides entrepreneurship education and, YES! Delft, the incubator who promotes entrepreneurship education, organizes events and attracts big names.

In the Roadmap 2020, the TU Delft has set goals that simply state the following points:

– During the study, students should be able to taste entrepreneurship

– By 2020, TU Delft must be a leader in entrepreneurship education in Europe

– Stimulate entrepreneurship under students and make it able for students to develope their own business

The university is taking steps to get students into contact with entrepreneurship. For example, there are 3 entrepreneurship minors, separate master courses, and the TU  supports YES! Delft enormously.


The Delft Center for Entrepreneurship has struggled with problems since the transfer of the DCE from UD to TBM in 2010. Then, due to cuts, there was a capacity shortage so the DCE sent a letter to the Executive Board. In the year of faction 42, ORAS and Lijst Beta have worked together to improve the DCE and strengthen their position. This has been successful for the DCE.


Last year on the initiative of ORAS an entrepreneurshipMOOC was launched on edX. This MOOC is about how young entrepreneurs can start a business. In the MOOC they are taken through the whole process. So if you are interested in entrepreneurship but you are not sure about your idea, follow the MOOC via edX!

Ideal situation

ORAS sees entrepreneurship as a way for students to distinguish themselves. We believe that the university should make it possible for students to come in contact with entrepreneurship at least once during their studies. If the student desires entrepreneurship, there must be qualitatively good and challenging education with enough capacity to further stimulate the student.

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