Innovation in education

Fileholder: Benjamin Schoemaker
Contact: onderwijsinnovatie@oras.nl
Last Update: August 2017, by Valérie de Vlam


Educating a room with 600 students for 2 hours is old-fashioned. Luckaly, teachers now see this as well, and come into action. Blended learning and flipping the classroom are terms you see everywhere nowadays. This portfolio covers all subjects related to the innovation and improvement of education. Consider subjects such as the Extension School and online education methods. The term Extension School is probably not familiar with you, but if I say that it consists of the next 4 things, hopefully you will be able to ring a bell: OpenCourseWare, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Online Bachelors and Masters and Professional Education. In the picture below you will see what each type means.


Last year the program “Credit for MOOCs” was launched in which universities around the world aknowledge each others MOOCs with ECTS. ORAS has been closely involved in the process and from this summer 2017 each student can follow Credit for MOOCs. So if you want to do some electives or a free minor, check out the TU Delft site and maybe there are some MOOCs that you find interesting and want to follow for credits.


Credit for MOOCs is launched this summer. Many courses are given, so there is a lot of interest. It is now a matter of optimizing the program in a way that more MOOCs can be involved with the Credit for MOOCs program.

A lot of possibilities arise with the arrival of the online education. Thus, ORAS had the idea of ​​giving alumni a discount on certain types of online education. For example, there are the ProfEd’s at the Extension School. These are paid online courses for graduated students to support their careers. At the consultation meeting between the SC and the EB of August 2017 we will present our plan and look at what Anka Mulder believes in our idea.

Ideal situation

ORAS has actively supported the developments of the online education. We see online education as a development with enormous potential. In this way the university joins a new group of students (online students), it’s a way to improve your on-campus education (reviews on your on-campus education by many students from all over the world) and it’s the way to strengthen TU Delft’s reputation and thereby increase the value of our diploma. As ORAS we stay always critical because the on-campus education must not suffer under the online education, but it would be stupid to stop and not support this movement.

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