Education in the master


General summary

The portfolio education in the master has started because the Student Council (and the TU central) often has a focus on bachelor affairs and not on master affairs. This is because the huge number of master programmes, the diversity of the programmes and because the coordination of the education in the master is often in the hands of the faculties themselve. However, it is important to know what is happening in the education of the master. Topics in this portfolio are: length of the master, graduating where students want and retaining the quality of the master and it’s diploma. Because education in the master is in the hands of faculties, our role is to keep up with the problems by talking to master disputes, study associations and FSC’s.


In the academic year 2008-2009 the Student Council focused on quality differences between different influx of master students (international student, students coming outside of Delft and Delft students). Also the Master Kick Off Days were initiated this year. In academic year 2012-2013 the focus was on the length of graduating. Sometimes, graduation is extended, initiated by graduation mentors. However, this was such a faculty specific problem,that it wasn’t something for us. During academic year 2014-2015 ORAS have deployed on graduating how you want, so for example also for your own company, if you want.

Current status

Often education in the masters is evaluated by master disputes. However, in the academic year 2017-2018 there may be a TU central master evaluation.

Also, in 2017-2018 the TU will again do a survey with alumni. In this survey the alumni are asked what they thought of their education at the TU Delft and they are asked what they’re doing now and for example how they got their job.

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