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Contact: ict@oras.nl
Last Update: June 2017, by Max Capelle

Executive summary

The wish for a new student portal for students arose around 2011-2012. The base for MyTUDelft is improving student communication. ORAS is member of this projects steering committee, along with the rest of this committee we can determine the goals of this project.

MyTUDelft should supplement Brightspace and studenten.tudelft.nl. Together, these three should provide a complete spectrum of information. Brightspace is mainly focused on education itself, student.tudelft.nl contains general information, and MyTUDelft focuses on frequent actions and personal information.

History and current situation

The wish for a new student portal for students arose around 2011-2012. One year later, a PID (Project Initiation Document) was written. With the help of ORAS and a number of study associations, this proposal has been tested and further designed. The Executive Board turned out to be very positive about the presented proposal. Budget was released and a project manager was appointed.

In September 1, 2016, the first MyTUDelft app was presented. In this app grades, study progress and a timetable can be viewed. In 2016-2017, we looked for improvements of the first app. ORAS created a list with must-have functionalities. On the long term, we would like to see all these implemented in MyTUDelft.

ORAS keeps collaborating with the TU Delft of improve the provision of information to students.

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