Educational evaluations


General summary


The National Student Survey (NSE) is a national survey among students which asks for the student satisfaction. Universities can use the results to better themselves. Furthermore the survey is important because some national ranks are based on the results. When you compare the TU Delft to other Dutch universities, the results of the TU are not good, especially on the topic study stress.

Course evaluations

At the end of every course the course needs to be evaluated. However, the results of the course evaluations don’t alway end up by the students. In theory all results should be public and that is something we as SC think is very important. All results are public, but not always easy to find. Faculties have their own procedures of the course evaluations.


In 2015, the TU Delft decided to focus on the NSE because the TU always had bad results. The TU organised some NSE-meetings to analyse the results. Also, the TU is working on the promotion of the NSE and trying to improve it to make sure a lot of students take the survey seriously and fill it in with care.

Current situation

Last year (2016-2017) we talked a lot about the promotion of the NSE. We talked about the promotion before the NSE to make sure a lot of students fill in the survey, but also about how the TU should publish the results afterwards.

You can find the most actual (2017) NSE results here:

Results NSE 2017 (only available in Dutch)

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