General Summary

To determine the amount of support each Student Sports/Culture Association receives from the Sports and Culture center (S&C) a ‘finetuning’ tool has been developed. Based on a benchmark and the ambition and policy of the TU Delft a Sponsoring relationship is made. In 2012, the last benchmark has been done and it was said to last for 5 years. This means that this year a new bench-marking research will be conducted!


The TU Delft strongly supports a large role for student organisations in providing sports related activities. In 2005 the TU Delft decided to brand the relationship between the university and the sports associations that provide these activities as both sponsorship based as well as based on a collaborative partnership. The new relationship was introduced by conducting a bench-marking research, with the aim to standardize the TU Delft-support to the different Student Sports Associations based on the sport and level of participation. Based on this research, a ‘finetuning instrument’ has been designed by Sports & Culture, in collaboration with ORAS and the Delft Student Sports Overleg (DSSO).

In September 2008, the first Sponsor agreements were signed for the year 2008-2009. That was the first time the finetuning instrument was used. However, after evaluating this process, it turned out to have some early stage problems and the instrument was subjected to several changes.
In the fall of 2011, the system also showed some troubling differences in delivering expectations between S&C and the associations. Therefore, a project group was formed to improve the Sponsorship contracts. This resulted in a newly revised contract that could be signed for the year 2012-2013. In addition, in that year, the process of finetuning made a new step. A new bench-marking research was done and combined with the ambitions and policy of the TU Delft the final contracts were drawn up. The benchmark was set to last for 5 years.


Finetuning starts with conduction a bench-marking research; all associations were assigned to find at least three comparable associations at other universities and to compare the support each of the associations received from their university. By combining the results from all associations, the national average of support to associations in a certain field of sports could be determined. Combining this with the ambitions and policies of both the TU Delft and the associations, the total support per sport (not per association) is determined. Per sport, however, there are different levels of support, based on the ambition, the number of members, and the necessary means.

Current status

The benchmark research, conducted in the end of 2012, was said to be valid for 5 years. This means that this year (2017) a new research will take place. This will also be a great opportunity to evaluate the finetuning process.


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