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As ORAS we want to make studying at the TU Delft as easy as possible for all students. That’s why we make factsheets, write manuals and try to give students as much information as they need.On this page you can find all kind of things which will help you during your time as a TU student!

Take a look at the manuals  and factsheets  when you’re for example struggling with the use of mobile printing or when you want to know more about what we do. Do you want to study somewhere on campus but don’t know where to go? Here you can find actual opening hours of all faculties. Before every exam period we publice an overview of the specific exam opening hours. Furthermore, do you want to know which useful tools were our idea? On this page you can find a list with our initiatives.

Are you looking for information which you can’t find on of the pages? Take a look at the overview of useful websites. You can use them when searching for specific information regarding the university.

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Overview of openinghours
Overview of openinghours

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