Current faction (2019/2020)

Faction 47 of ORAS will represent the students in college year 2019/2020. The ORAS-faction exists of 7 students this year. The faction represents our association, other associations and other people we represent with employees and the Executive Board of the TU Delft. We take part in meetings about educations, facilities and student affairs.

portret zaar (3)

Zara-Vé van Tetterode


Function: Chair Central Student Council and Chair ORAS
Portfolio: Education
Specialisation: Regulations


Emilie Jong


Portfolio: Student affairs - Profiling fund (RPF), OWee/KMT
Specialisation: Research trip

EDG03135 (1)

Tim Scholts


Portfolio: Student affairs - X, Internationalization, Integrity, Leadership academy, Housing
Specialisation: Finance TU Delft
Consultation: Student Association Council (VeRa)


Coco Langens

Vice Chair

Portfolio: Education Specialisation: Campaign team Consultation: National Student Council (ISO)

Yasmine Ouibrahim

External Affairs

Portfolio: Facilities - IT
Specialisation: Campaign team
Consultation: Study Association Council (SVR)


Hielke Piera


Portfolio: Faciliteiten – Campus
Specialisation: Board ORAS
Consultation: Communication TU Delft


Lars van der Horst


Portfolio: Education
Specialisation: Research trip
Consultation: Study Association Council - Education (SVR - O), Facultary Meeting (FO)

More about the current faction

Zara-Vé van Tetterode

Phone number: 015 – 278 1289
Age: 21
Study: Technische Bestuurskunde

Hey! I am Zara-Vé and in the academic year of 2018-2019 I will be the chair of the central student council and the 47th ORAS faction. As chair I have the final responsibility for everything happening within the student council. Furthermore, I am the main contact for all the official relations inside and outside of the TU, for example the executive board and the press.

Additionally, I am focusing on education, specifically the dossiers Study success, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus, Quality Assurance and Excellence & Entrepreneurship Education. This year I will be closely involved with setting up applying for courses all over campus.

Finally, I make sure all the regulations on the TU are correct and adjusted. Do you have questions about your rights and duties as a student? Or do you have great ideas for this year? Then you can always reach me via!

Coco Langens

Phone number: 015 – 278 4390
Age: 22
Study: Mechanical Engineering

Hi! I am Coco Langens and I will be the vice president for ORAS next year (2019/2020). I take care of the vision of ORAS and make sure we everyone in my faction gives this high priority. Our vision is what students voted for during the campaign and it’s important to continue it consistent over the years.

Further I work Education, where I am responsible for the files master education, (inter)national relations, strategic agenda and minors. A very important topic is the new structure for master education. The university is going to write a plan to innovate and improve masters and I want to make sure that the opinion of students is taken into account. Next to this I am involved in the ‘call point bachelor before master rule’, new developments within the minor and I am the contact person for overarching organisations like ISO, 4TU and the IDEA League.

Last but not least, I am going to organise the campaign together with Yasmine. Just like earlier years we are going to colour the campus green and yellow and make sure that we keep our position in the student council. This is the perfect moment to share our vision and show what ORAS does for students.

Do you have questions, comments or ideas? Mail me at

Lars van der Horst

Phone number: 015 – 278 4390
Age: 21
Study: Architecture

Hi! I am Lars and next year I will be taking part of the student council on behalf of ORAS. I am the Communications Commissioner. Together with Hielke Piera, the marketing Commissioner, we form the promoteam! We will inform you on everything ORAS is dealing with which concerns all students. By making posters, or posts on Facebook, Instagram or this website, you can find out what is going on. But in order to represent students as well as possible we need to know what your opinion is on things that need improvement. We do this by taking surveys. Because we need you to be there for you!

Besides promo I am busy wih the portfolio education. Within this I am responsible for the files Bachelor influx, Education in Innovation, Study counselling and Quality Assurance. The last file is about the reinvestments into the education quality. This money had come available after the termination of the study gift from the government. Besides this I am in the meeting with all faculty student councils. Here information is exchanged between the faculties and de central student council. I am also part of the SVR-O, the meeting where all study associations send their education representative to discuss these topics with each other.

So I will be in touch with a lot of decentral meetings which is useful in the central student council!

Lastly I organise the research trip with Emilie. In his trip we will visit other universities with a certain subject to do research on. We do this to gain new ideas and inspiration to improve the TU Delft! Last year for example, ORAS went to Denmark and Canada to investigate how to preserve the quality of the masters despite the growth.

Now you know exactly in what I can be a help to you! You can contact me at!

Emilie Jong

Phone number: 015 – 278 4390
Age: 21
Study: Electrical Engineering

Next year I will fulfill the function of secretary. This means that I will track all incoming and outgoing mail, manage the archive and write all minutes.

Furthermore, I will deal with the portfolio student affairs, together with Tim. Within this portfolio I will focus on the profiling fund (the follow-up of RAS). Next year there will be negotiations about the regulation of the profiling fund. For questions, input or remarks you can always contact me via e-mail or call me! You can reach me via Besides this, I think that it is important that you can develop yourself through extracurricular activities, so I will also be engaged in this field. For example, an extra resit moment for the active and motivated student.

Each year ORAS goes on a research trip to another university abroad to obtain ideas about a certain subject. Then, the TU Delft can take these ideas into account and potentially implement them. I will organize this trip with Lars.

Yasmine Ouibrahim

Phone number: 015 – 278 3349
Age: 20
Study: Architecture

Hey, I’m Yasmine and this year I will fulfil the role of External Commissioner. I will keep all study and student associations informed of what ORAS is working on. Through them I also get input what’s going on within those associations, so that we can get input on our work. In order to do this as good as possible, I am an informant in the SVR (Study Associations Council).

In addition, I will manage the Facilities-IT portfolio within ORAS. This includes many different projects, like a new user environment in Collegerama and the MyTUDelft app. This year I will be engaged in realizing the findability tool and the study planning tool. In addition, I will be occupied with the laptop project, the new printers, Brightspace and many other IT related issues.

This year, Coco and I will organize the campaign. With our enthusiasm, we will ensure that the campus will turn green-yellow for another two weeks and that ORAS will retain its position in the Student Council.

Do you have any questions and/or remarks about IT? Mail to

Tim Scholts

Phone number: 015 – 278 1768
Age: 22
Study: Chemical Engineering

Hi! My name is Tim and I will be part of the TU Delft student council in the year 2019/2020 for ORAS. I will be the treasurer and therefore responsible for all the financial business within my faction.

I will be responsible for all the business concerning students next to their studies. Examples are the integration of international students in the delft student society or the department for sports and culture, X. The housing problem within Delft is also of growing concern, so I will be the voice of the students in these discussions. Integrity will also be of my concern for next year.

The budget of the TU Delft and the annual number will also be of my concern, besides the financial cash flow of my own faction. I will look out for the financial interests of the student at the TU Delft, especially considering the political developments of the Netherlands. The TU Delft is growing very fast and it is important to let the financials correspond with this growth.

If you have any questions about the integration of international students or sports and culture, you can mail me at !

Hielke Piera

Phone number: 015 – 278 1086
Age: 19
Study: Aerospace Engineering

My name is Hielke Piera and I’ll be ORAS’ head of marketing during the academic year 2019-2020. Lars, the head of Communications, and I form the so called Promo Team and we will focus on ORAS’ outward appearance. This way we will ensure that the students are up to date on the ins and outs of the TU Delft. We try to utilise as many channels as possible to reach the students. You can find us on Facebook, Instragram and on As ORAS we want to gather as much input from the students in Delft as possible to represent them to the best of our abilities. 3 to 4 times a year we perform a survey on the TU called the ‘ORAS komt naar je TU-dagen’, which roughly translates to ‘ORAS comes TU you’. This way we stay up to date on the students’ opinion.

Together with Yasmine I’ll fight for better facilities for the students. I’ll focus on the facilities on the campus, and Yasmine on the facilities regarding ICT. You can think of improving the study places, the transformation of lecture halls, and the plans for new buildings. You can also think of ameliorating the catering and retail in such a way that it serves the students. If you have any ideas for facilities on campus, please send an email to!

Within ORAS I’ll also be a member of the board as General Board Member. Together with the society’s part-time board I’ll organise, among other things, numerous activities for interested students who’d like to be informed of what’s happening at the university. ORAS’ board helps the faction, such that the faction can focus on tasks regarding the Student Council directly.