Current Faction (2021/2022)

Group 49 will represent students in the 2021/2022 academic year. The ORAS fraction consists of 7 persons this year. The faction speaks from the association and its supporters with staff, the Executive Board and participates in working groups regarding education, facilities and student affairs. 

f.l.t.r. Rutger Blijleven, Lotte Kuiper, Mara Linssen, Maarten de Nooijer, Mart Vloet, Clara van der Heijden & Eefje Eikelenboom

Maarten de Nooijer


Function: Chair Central Student Council and Chair ORAS
Portfolio: Student Affairs - RPF
Specialisation: Regulations

Mara Linssen


Portfolio: Education
Specialisation: Board ORAS
Consultation: Study Association Council on Education (SVR-O) & Communications TU Delft

Rutger Blijleven


Portfolio: Facilities - Campus
Specialisation: Research trip

Clara van der Heijden


Portfolio: Education
Specialisation: Finance TU Delft
Consultation: (Inter)national relations

Lotte Kuiper

External Affairs

Portfolio: Education
Specialisation: Campaign team
Consultation: Study Association Council (SVR)

Eefje Eikelenboom


Portfolio: Studentenzaken – X & Internationalisering 
Specialisation: Research trip
Consultation: FSC (FO), Student Association Council (VeRa)

Mart Vloet


Portfolio: Facilities - IT
Specialisation: Campaign team
Consultation: Communications TU Delft

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