Give your input!

As ORAS, our goal is to make studying at the TU (Delft University of Technology) as easy as possible. On this page, you can find several reporting points where you can report your problems. We would love to hear what challenges you are facing, so that we can take your input to the College of Board. This way, we can represent the voice of the student as effectively as possible!

Do you have an idea, problem or points for improvement for the TU Delft? Please let us know! You can contact us via or fill in the form below this page. We will take your opinion with us in conversations and will come back to you with the result.


Report your problems - 'Bachelor-before-Master'-rule

Through the Hard Cut reporting point, we try to inventory the problems and advise students on what they can do when they fall behind because of a single course. Are you experiencing any issues with the Hard Cut? Meld het aan ons!

Report your problems - exams

Other Ideas? Please let us know!

Do you have other ideas on how to improve the TU Delft? Please let us hear! 

Describe the ideas you have below. In this way we can bring your imput to Board of the University and we can represent your voice. 


Je kan NU stemmen voor de Studentenraad/ You can NOW vote for the Student Council!