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  • Result ORAS comes TU you about Capacity and Lectures

    Result ORAS comes TU you about Capacity and Lectures


    Introduction Before the Christmas break our first “ORAS Comes TU” survey took place. This is a TU-wide student survey we hold three times a year; a different subject each time. In this way we can see where students stand regarding …Read More »

  • New fraction of ORAS

    New fraction of ORAS


    While we, as the 44th fraction of ORAS, are concluding our year as members of the Student Council and are preparing for ourselves for the transition, the new group is eager to start their year as your representative in front of …Read More »

  • Minor: second sign-up period

    Minor: second sign-up period


    Do you want to follow a minor next year but aren’t you placed for one of your preference minors? On the 1st of July need to sign up during the second sign-up period for your other minor-options.Read More »

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