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  • Introduction of the Campaign Committee 2019

    Introduction of the Campaign Committee 2019

    The elections for the Student Council will be at May 21st & 22nd! That’s why the Campaign Committee is busy preparing for the campaign. Are you curious who these students are? Below they introduce each other to you! f.l.t.r. Lars …Read More »
  • Vision on Internationalisation

    Vision on Internationalisation

    In recent years the TU Delft has become more and more international. In 2017 20% of the TU Delft student population was international. With this shift we felt the need to write an accompanying vision as ORAS. ORAS represents the …Read More »
  • Faction update January

    Faction update January

    As ORAS we find it important that students can get information on what we are working on. That is why we place an overview of our activities on the billboards at faculties. Through this overview we can show what we …Read More »

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