Current board

The board of the association ORAS consists of four students with different study backgrounds who are active in different associations. The board consists of three (standard) board members (chairman, secretary and treasurer) and a fourth board member (the general board member) who is also a member of the faction. This guarantees good communication and cooperation between the board and the faction. The association consists of about 200 students who look beyond study matters and are interested in participation and policy making within the TU Delft.

f.l.t.r. Mara Linssen, Marco Bak, Luc La Poutré & Sophie Sandy

Luc La Poutré

Chairman ORAS

Sophie Sandy

Secretary ORAS

Marco Bak

Treasurer ORAS

Mara Linssen

General board member ORAS

The association consists of several bodies: among others, the board, the faction group, the Advisory Board and its members (General Members Assembly). The board convenes the General Members Assembly (GMA) four times per academic year and organizes monthly get-togethers and activities for both members and interested students.

Since academic year 2013-2014 the board functions as an independent body, previously board tasks were divided among the faction members. This means that the independent board can actively focus on recruiting new members, organizing drinks and activities, and growing the association ORAS. In addition to the standard management tasks such as leading meetings, keeping finances up to date and acting as a contact point within the association, the board is also committed to organizing interesting events. Think of a large symposium, a debate with political heroes or administrators, interesting lectures, etc.

The board is actively looking for new members! Interested students can become a member of ORAS. The ORAS members together form a friendly, an interested club of people from different study and association backgrounds who exchange ideas and discuss the more political matters of the TU Delft.

Would you also like to talk about what the faction does in the student council, share your opinion on certain topics and share your ideas? Then become a member of the association ORAS and let your voice be heard! Word dan lid van de vereniging ORAS en laat je stem horen!

More about our board members

Luc La Poutré

Age: 22
Study: Civil Engineering


Hi, my name is Luc and I am the chair of the ORAS board this year. As chair, I am the one with the final responsibility for the ORAS association. This year I will be leading a lot of meetings with a big difference in character. The most important ones are the three general membership meetings and the discussion nights, where I will lead the discussion.

In addition, I am the QQ'er for the campaign support committee. that means I guide and support this committee. I also take a seat on the working group that will be drafting the multi-year plan.

Marco Bak

Age: 20
Study: Computer Science

Heey! I am Marco, this year's treasurer of ORAS. That means that this year I am responsible for the finances and accounting of the ORAS association. I will be working a lot with the treasurer of the ORAS faction. Next year I will also supervise the acquisition committee and will help to set up partnerships with companies.

Sophie Sandy

Age: 22
Study: Applied Physics


Hi Hi! My name is Sophie. This year I will be busy within the ORAS board as secretary. I have to make sure that this year the minutes of the meetings are taken care of, but also that everyone is informed about what's coming up such as the ALV's, the activities and the monthly member mail. It is also important that the membership administration is in order. In short, I will have to keep abreast of everything and keep everyone informed!

In addition, I QQ the activities committee, which during the year will provide super fun activities for student, ORAS member and former ORAS members!

Together with the rest of the board, we are ready for the members of ORAS and we are going to work for the vibrant association this year!

Mara Linssen

Age: 20
Study: System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management.


Haaaii! I am Mara and next year I will be the secretary of the fraction of ORAS. I will thus keep up the agendas and also I manage the emails on behalf of the fraction. This means that I will be busy keeping the fraction up-to-date of all news and questions regarding the university and the students studying here but also news from other universities. 


Next to this, I will put my effort into improving the education at TU Delft. Specifically I am working on study success, wellbeing, the cooperation between Leiden University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft and the strategic agenda of the TU Delft. All very interesting topics! As a member of the faction ORAS, I will take part in the SVR-O. In this meeting, developments and problems regarding education will be discussed with the commissioners of education of the study associations.


Finally, I am also a board member of the association ORAS, as general board member. Together with the other board members, I am responsible for the association.The association for example organises several events during the year. I will help set up these events.


Word bestuur!

Ben je geïnteresseerd in het leiden van een groeiende vereniging met nog veel mogelijkheden tot eigen input? Lijkt het je leuk om parttime bezig te zijn met alle leden van ORAS? Je kunt dan solliciteren voor het bestuur! Mail je CV met motivatiebrief voor 15 januari 2021 naar het huidig bestuur via

Weet je nog niet zeker of je wil gaan solliciteren? Je kunt ons altijd bereiken via +31 6 30637740 of kom even langs voor extra informatie op het hok, op Van Der Burghweg 2 (gebouw 26B).