Current Faction

Faction 51 will represent students in the 2022/2023 academic year. The ORAS fraction consists of 7 persons this year. The faction speaks from the association and its supporters with staff, the Executive Board and participates in working groups regarding education, facilities and student affairs. 

f.l.t.rl Jozua Heule, Alexandra Schelling, Maud Reinders, Jelle Stap, Madelon van Haften, Tessa Hartog, Matthijs van Teeffelen

Get to know them!

    Jelle Stap

    Chair Central Student Council & ORAS

    Portfolio: Facilities - ICT
    Specialisation: Regulations

      Matthijs van Teeffelen

      Secretary and vice-chair

      Portfolio: Education & Wellbeing
      Specialisation: Research trip

        Jozua Heule


        Portfolio: Education & Strategic Agenda
        Specialisation: Finance TU Delft

          Maud Reinders

          External Affairs

          Portfolio: Student affairs & personal development
          Specialisation: Campaign

            Alexandra Schelling



            Portfolio: Campus Facilities
            Specialisation: Campaign

              Tessa Hartog



              Portfolio: Supporting
              Specialisation: Research trip

              Madelon van Haften

              Commissioner Intern


              Portfolio: Student affairs & Internationalisation
              Specialisation: Assocation board ORAS
              Consultation: Verenigingsraad (VeRa)

              More about the faction members

              Hey! My name is Jelle and this academic year I am the chair of ORAS. This means that I am the representative of ORAS, the student council and (most importantly) the student. In doing so, I am responsible for managing the functioning of the ORAS faction and the Central Student Council.

              Furthermore, this year I will be working on the facilities portfolio and specifically the ICT side of it. Here you can think of Collegerama, printing, Brightspace, the MyTUDelft app and other things to do with ICT at TU Delft. This year, I want to focus on improving Collegerama and digital examinations. 

              Finally, I specialise in TU regulations. Among other things, I look into Faculty Education and Examination Regulations and the Student Charter, which sets out the rights and obligations of TU Delft students.

              Hey! My name is Matthijs and this academic year I am the secretary and vice-chair of ORAS. 

              I will deal with the education portfolio. I will do this together with Joshua. Specifically, I deal with the files study success, study guidance, master, bachelor intake, quality assurance and contact with other (inter)national student councils.

              In terms of content, this means I get to work on important issues such as student wellbeing, BSA and the entrenchment of education at TU. 

              I will also represent Delft students in consultations with all student councils in the Netherlands, at the inter-city student consultations (the ISO) and also internationally at the student councils of TU's cooperation partners. 

              Finally, this year I am going to organise the research trip with Tessa. This is a trip to other universities in other countries and here we will research a topic relevant to TU Delft to see if we can implement it here or want to do it this way. You can always app or call me for a coffee. See you soon!

              Hey! I am Jozua and this academic year I am the treasurer of the ORAS faction. I will
              monitor income and expenditure of our group. Together with the treasurer
              of the ORAS board, I will also create and maintain the association-wide budget. In addition
              I will also support the acquisition committee and help where needed.

              Furthermore, this year I am working on the education portfolio. Within this portfolio, I will keep
              me with the files on quality agreements, TU's strategic agenda, LDE, minors and educational innovation.

              Finally, I have a say in the TU's finances. As a student council, we have a say in the main lines of the TU's budget. In this way, we can help our students
              have a voice in the university's financial policies.

              Hey! My name is Maud and this academic year I am the External Affairs of ORAS. As external commissioner, I maintain contacts with all student organisations in Delft and make sure that I keep abreast of what issues are going on among students, so that we can then represent them properly in the student council. 

              In addition, together with Madelon, I will deal with the Student Affairs portfolio. Here, I am responsible for topics such as the profiling fund (RPF months), Owee/KMT, Dreamteams, tuition fee-free boards and everything that goes on in and around X.

              Finally, together with Alexandra, I will set up the student council election campaign for the 2024 elections. With the campaign, we want to clearly convey ORAS' vision to the Delft students and ensure that ORAS retains its seats in the student council. 

              Hoii, my name is Alexandra.This academic year I am the Marketing of ORAS. With this position, you get to be nice and creative by facilitating the visual designs of Instagram posts and campaign materials, among others. I work a lot together with Tessa to make sure that you as students are well aware of what ORAS stands for, is working on and has achieved. Besides ORAS matters, we also bring to light the general information of current affairs at TU Delft.

              Naast mijn functie zal ik mij ook bezig houden met mijn portefeuille: Faciliteiten Campus. Wat houdt dit nu in? Alles wat je op de campus aan kan raken! Van onderwijszalen, naar koffiemachines, naar de bereikbaarheid van de campus. Als jij opmerkingen hebt over iets op de campus dat nice is of juist beter kan, laat het vooral weten! Hoe meer input wij krijgen, hoe beter je campus wordt!

              Besides all this, I am also QQ'er, together with Maud. This is perhaps the most important task within ORAS. We have to take care of the follow-up and fix everything around the campaign, without these two things ORAS is nothing (even if the rest might not quite want to realise that). So are you interested, laat het vooral weten of kom bij ons langs! 

              Heyy, hoi! My name is Tessa and this academic year I am the Communications of ORAS. As communications commissioner, I am responsible for the input and output from ORAS. Together with Alexandra, I form the promotion team to put ORAS on the map. We try to inform students in this way about what we are doing as ORAS and also give substantive updates about TU Delft. Thus, I am also the website administrator. I will also organise an OKNJTU (ORAS Comes to Your TU) 2-3x a year. In which we gather students' opinions on a specific topic. This way, we get more input from students, which we as ORAS can use in the student council. 

              My portfolio is supportive of all the faction's other portfolios. For instance, I will help Madelon with a number of student affairs issues. For instance, we will work on the Become Active Campaign and will organise StudentDoet together with SVD. A day in which students get involved in the city of Delft.

              Finally, this year I will be busy working with Matthijs to organise our epic research trip. We will then go abroad for 2 weeks to research another TU and learn our lessons from it. Super cool!

              Hey! I am Madelon and this year I will hold the function of Commissioner Intern of ORAS. This means that I will be committed to the smooth running of the group. I will be the point of contact if anyone has any concerns and I will be actively involved in keeping an overview of the group. I am also ultimately responsible for planning group training and courses and get to organise our monthly group outings!

              My portfolio is student affairs. ORAS stands for the active and motivated student and development is one of our three pillars. Many students want to broaden themselves alongside their studies and that is what I am going to help with in the coming year. This is why I am in the Association Council together with 18 student associations to hear and support each other. In addition, international students should not be forgotten. I am also there for them so that they can have the best possible student time at TU Delft and that is why I am on the board of InterDelft. Furthermore, the wellbeing of Delft students is a priority for me and I think it is important to improve the student image.

              Finally, I am also a General Board member of ORAS where I am the link between the faction and the board. I am ultimately responsible for communicating on council matters, for example, and ensuring a good relationship between the two groups.


              Je kan NU stemmen voor de Studentenraad/ You can NOW vote for the Student Council!