Meetings and calendar

As part of the Central Student Council, the ORAS group participates in different types of meetings. The three most common ones are detailed below:

1. Overlegvergadering Central Student Council (CSC) and Executive Board (EB). During this meeting, the student council agendizes important issues and the student council joins in a discussion about this with (a delegation of) the Executive Board. This meeting is public. 

2. Internal meeting student council At this meeting, the student council deliberates on the strategy to be adopted for the upcoming consultation meeting. This meeting is public. 

3. Joint meeting student council (CSC), works council (WC) and Executive Board (EB). During this meeting, the Student Council and Works Council (representation from TU Delft staff) discuss issues of importance to them and TU Delft with the Executive Board. This meeting is open to the public.

All dates and locations of upcoming meetings are listed below. When available, the agenda and final minutes will also be posted here. Questions about a specific agenda or minutes? Email!

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