Statement Student Council retiring Rob Mudde

During the Joint Meeting on 25 April, the Student Council was informed about the upcoming resignation of Vice-Rector/Vice-President of Education Rob Mudde. Rob has indicated that, due to health issues, it is no longer possible for him to fulfil this position as he envisions it. Since 1988, Rob has continuously dedicated himself to TU Delft in many different roles. After joining the Executive Board in 2018, he has been the regular discussion partner of the Student Council. 

The Student Council has always experienced these discussions as pleasant, open, and constructive. Sometimes these discussions were heated, but we never doubted Rob's dedication and leadership. He saw the importance of informal moments and also often stayed to talk with us after meetings.

As a professor, Rob had a big heart for education, a subject he could talk about with great passion. He also had an eye for the broader development of students and showed genuine interest in the student community. For example during the OWee, in a student house or at a student association. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, student wellbeing has been a particularly important topic for him. The Student Council thanks Rob for his commitment to this issue. 

The Student Council sees Rob as a role model and will miss Rob in this position. The Student Council wishes Rob all the best in the future and wishes him a great time as a professor, back in front of the classroom again. Furthermore we are glad that Rob will be able to convey his enthusiasm for education to the incoming students one last time during the opening of the academic year. 


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