Long-term study penalty threatens personal development

On 16 May, the new coalition agreement was announced. It states that the long-study fine will be reintroduced. This fine means that students will pay an extra €3,000 in tuition fees for every year they delay in their bachelor's or master's programme.

ORAS finds it absurd that the new coalition sees this as a realistic measure. Indeed, the consequences of the long-study fine will have disastrous consequences for students. Besides the fact that many students will be discouraged from starting an education due to financial considerations, the (already too high) pressure on students will increase sharply which will not help the critical state of student welfare.

ORAS believes that developing yourself outside your studies is of great value. The long-study fine is therefore diametrically opposed to ORAS' vision. Doing a board, committee, student or dream team or an internship, for example, contributes tremendously to your personal development. We expect that by introducing the fine, fewer students will choose this. This is worrying.

When it was announced in the academic year 2010-2011 that there would be a long-study fine, ORAS immediately started lobbying. In the end, the fine did not last long and was abolished. ORAS is getting ready to actively lobby at local and national level again this time to reduce the harmful effects of a long-study fine. ORAS remains committed to your personal development!


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