Student council response regarding social safety

A month ago, the Inspectorate Report of the Ministry of Education was published, in which the inspectorate drew strong conclusions regarding social safety at TU Delft. This report and its conclusions had a big impact on everyone in the TU Delft community. As the Central Student Council (CSC), we have emphasised that the concerns around social safety are also present in the student community.

On the 20th of March, the Executive Board pledged not to take legal action against the Education Inspectorate. The SR embraces this reconsideration and is pleased that the full focus is now on improving social safety at TU Delft. 

In addition, the tone of the Executive Board during the Joint Meeting with the Works Council (OR) on the 28th of March showed more self-reflection and empathy towards staff who have experienced socially unsafe behaviour. The CSC strongly appreciates this. The CSC finds it unfortunate that this meeting was closed to the public. Luckily, as far as the CSC is concerned, future meetings will be made public.

The Executive Board also promised that participatory bodies, consisting of the OR and CSC, would be considered an integral part of the solution. In addition, the Executive Board has promised that several meetings will be organised where students will have a say in the plans. We welcome this intention and look forward to finalising the action plan. 

The CSC also called for a student member to be added to the supervisory committee of the action plan. This request has been accepted by the Executive Board. We are satisfied that this will ensure the student's perspective also during the drafting of the action plan. We are also pleased that even after the completion of the action plan, social safety will continue to be considered a top priority by the Executive Board. As the SR, we will continue to follow this process and will adopt a constructive attitude at all times to improve social safety. 

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