In recent years the TU Delft has become more and more international. In 2017 20% of the TU Delft student population was international. With this shift we felt the need to write an accompanying vision as ORAS. ORAS represents the active and motivated students, so also the international active and motivated students. Our vision on the internationalisation was lacking, so in the beginning of 2018 a working group was started with the objective of writing this vision. At this moment the vision is almost done. In all likelihood the vision will be approved by the ORAS association at the general assembly on the 19th of March.

When this vision is approved, the work is not done yet. This vision needs to be put into practice. That is why a multiannual plan is going to be written. In this document a plan will be written for the coming years on how, according to ORAS, we can work towards our ideal situation with regards to internationalisation. You can think of how the integration between Dutch and non-Dutch people should work out, within and outside of your study. Or how housing can be organised for international students. Al these plans should contribute to assist all active and motivated students in having a meaningful and supporting student experience.


Je kan NU stemmen voor de Studentenraad/ You can NOW vote for the Student Council!