Vision of ORAS

ORAS is a party in TU Delft's Central Student Council. It is important that, regardless of the number of seats, it is clear what ORAS stands for, whom it represents and where its focus lies. The vision is the foundation of the substantive party work. ORAS's policy is also tested against the vision below. 

The three pillars

ORAS has three pillars: personal development, education and facilities. These three pillars form the basis for the work of the ORAS faction in TU Delft's student council. ORAS believes that you become the best engineer through education of the highest quality, supported by the right facilities and with sufficient room for development. 

Personal development

Every student should have room to develop outside the lecture hall. Think for example of doing committees or boards, a student or dream team, working alongside your studies, playing sports or being an entrepreneur. This is important because not all skills can be acquired within the curriculum. In terms of development, ORAS applies the following principles:

Ideal situation: TU Delft encourages and supports students to engage in extracurricular activities within Delft's rich student culture. 


TU Delft must ensure that the education offered is of the highest quality. In addition, education should give students room to determine their own study path and learn to take responsibility themselves. In the field of education, ORAS applies the following principles:

Ideal situation: TU Delft offers flexible education of the highest quality. Students have the freedom to determine their own study path.


TU Delft should create a vibrant and sustainable campus with excellent (digital) facilities. The campus and facilities match the contemporary needs of students. Examples of facilities are study workplaces, lecture halls, catering, X and online study tools. In terms of facilities, ORAS applies the following principles:

Ideal situation: TU Delft offers modern, sustainable and affordable facilities that optimally support every student.


Along with the pillars, all TU Delft policies are actively tested by the faction against several preconditions. These preconditions are placed alongside all the pillars and are pillar-transcending. The preconditions are successively: cooperation with the student, safeguarding TU Delft's quality, sustainability, accessibility and student wellbeing. Explanations for each precondition can be found in the vision.

Position papers

Below are ORAS's current position papers. A position paper is the elaboration of ORAS's view on a particular topic. The position paper contains background information of the file and then ORAS's position on this topic. 

Student affairs

Alcohol policy

Student affairs
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Obligations in Education


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