ORAS' Vision

The yearly policy of ORAS has to meet the vision of our party. It should be clear what ORAS stands for, who we represent and where we put our focus, no matter our number of seats in the student council. As follows from our vision, ORAS stands for the motivated student who is active in the student culture of Delft and who wants more than study alone. According to ORAS, the “student of Delft” is a concept. Delft distinguishes itself from other cities by its unique student life. In 2016-2017 our vision has been rewritten from a 13-pages document to a document of only 3 pages. Unfortunately, this one has not been translated yet. You can find our vision using the link below. For more information about the ORAS vision on a certain subject, please contact us.

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Personal development

Position papers

ORAS presents its opinion about a certain issue in position papers. In these position papers, we represent some background information and our vision for a specific topic. Unfortunately, our position papers are only available in Dutch. Our present position papers (in Dutch):