Become active at ORAS!

Would you like to become active at ORAS, but are not sure yet what exactly you can do? Then this page is the right place for you! We are always looking for new people to contribute to ORAS. See the flow chart below for options and read on for more information.

Become a member

Would you like to have low-threshold input on the direction TU Delft should take, come along to our events and much more? Then become an ORAS member for just 10 euros a year! 

Below is a list of all the benefits of ORAS membership:

  1. Access to all ORAS activities such as pub quizzes, drinks, pool and much more
  2. Access to substantive discussion evenings
  3. Giving input on the direction of the party
  4. Take part in GMA's
  5. Join committees, the board or faction
  6. Getting to know ORAS and TU Delft in a fun, low-threshold way
  7. Getting updates on what ORAS is working on via the monthly newsletter and groupsapps

Click here to apply for membership!


ORAS has several committees in which students are actively involved in the ORAS association. Throughout the year, the committees organise activities that are open to interested Delft students. ORAS has three committees: the Activities Committee, the Aquisition Committee and the Campaign Organising Committee. 

ORAS committees consist of enthusiastic students from different study years of various study and student associations in Delft. Each committee is guided by an ORAS board member. On average the committees spend five hours a week on their ORAS committee. The enthusiasm of committee members is encouraged as much as possible: besides their committee work, committee members are invited to join more ORAS activities and are actively involved in the association.

Are you interested in joining a committee? Then send an email with your motivation and a short introduction of yourself to!

More information about the committees can be found here:


The board of the association ORAS consists of four students with different study backgrounds who are active in different associations. The board consists of three (standard) board members (chair, secretary and treasurer) and a fourth board member (the general board member) who is also a member of the faction. This guarantees good communication and cooperation between the board and the faction. The association consists of about 200 students who look beyond study matters and are interested in participation and policy making within the TU Delft.

Further information and the current board can be found here:


ORAS' faction represents ORAS full-time in the student council. Every year around November, we start looking for a new group to join full of enthusiasm. Keep an eye on the socials by then and contact us at for further questions.

Further information and the current faction can be found here: Huidig fractie – ORAS

Would you like to know more?

Probably, after reading this, you are still left with many questions. For questions about becoming a member, committees or board, please send an e-mail to Any questions about the faction can go to General questions about ORAS can go to Of course, stopping by for a coffee is always possible too!


Je kan NU stemmen voor de Studentenraad/ You can NOW vote for the Student Council!