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Behind the ORAS faction in the student council hides an active student association. ORAS members, faction members, board members and interested students meet each month during drinks and activities organised by the board of the ORAS association. ORAS searches for new members!

Participation TU Delft

Are you interested in co-determination within the TU Delft environment?

ORAS vision

Vind jij dat onderwijs, faciliteiten en ontplooiing centraal moeten staan tijdens je studententijd?


Do you want to be aware of the developments in the student council?


Do you want to share your opinion in grown-up debates and interesting discussions?

And do you want to:

Participate in Activities

Attend interesting events with a focus on student politics and co-determination?

Give input

To help think of possible input for dossiers or key aspects of the student council?

Meet up

Meet other ORAS members, (old) fraction members and (old) board members and get involved in the association?

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Are you a part of a student association?

How did you end up at ORAS?

Direct debit authorization

Door ondertekening machtig je ORAS om meerdere malen per jaar incasso-opdrachten naar jouw bank te sturen om de contributie (= €10,- per jaar) en debiteurenstand van jouw rekening af te schrijven en aan jouw bank om doorlopend een bedrag van jouw rekening af te schrijven overeenkomstig de opdracht van ORAS. Deze machtiging blijft geldig tot wederopzegging per e-mail of post.


The association ORAS cares deeply about your data privacy. Our privacy policy is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) or AVG in Dutch. If, after reading our privacy policy, you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact our board via the link below. Unfortunately, as of now the privacy policy is not yet translated into English. If you want a translation, please inform us by emailing. We'll try to translate it as soon as we can.