DIG-it! exposes your innovative ideas

DIG-it!Are you doing your masters right now? Do you have an innovative idea or masterproject that you would like to share with the world? Maybe this is something for you!

DIG-it! is a project that stimulates innovative projects and processes within the University. They  aim to map the innovation that can be found in our University, and to expose these innovations.

DIG-it! intents to strengthen Delft’s innovation potential and giving it more visibility. The Valorisation Centre offers researchers continuous support to bridge the gap between innovative research results and the economy or society.

DIG-it! acts according to the three principles: Xplore, Xplain & Xpose. Following these steps they find, grind and polish the innovative ideas that live within the University. Together we search for the creation of synergy stimulating the development of ideas into innovations. During the DIG-it! day (that will be in fall 2014) they offer the explored innovative ideas a stage to present themselves. Besides, they award the most creative, crazy and exciting ideas of the University with the DIG-it! Awards.

DIG-it! was originally set up for researchers of the TU Delft, but with initiative of ORAS, students can join this as well. This means that at first you can bring your idea into the world and expose it to companies that will visit the DIG-it! day. Besides that you can inspire fellow students with your innovation. This exposure can be in any kind of way, posters, maquettes, pitches or workshop: whatever you need to convey your ideas.

Next to this, DIG-it! will give help with anything you need, about patent, licences and presenting your idea.

If you are interested in bringing your idea into the picture, please sent an email with a short story about your innovation. (max 250 words). Include how you think you can present your idea. Sent this to dig-it@tudelft.nl and be one of the first to Xpose your idea on the DIG-it! day. If you know other students with great ideas, spread the word!


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