DISS: Internationally yours!

How does it feel to get away from your zone of comfort to explore a new territory with no wingmen to watch your back? What do you do when everything around is alien, has a set of its own prescripts and demands competence with that system, es
Any student who has traveled far from home will relate to these questions. It might be more than once that you didn’t know where to go or whom to approach to solve the issues at hand. However, be assured that from now on there is an organization to turn to for solving such issues. For the benefit of international students studying in Delft, the student council and the student union have set up a board which can act as the missing link between the students and the administration. The initiative took shape as the Delft International Student Society (DISS) this January.pecially if you cannot communicate with the natives well?

Marlies Bouman, chairperson of VSSD student union, explains the need for DISS: “The International Office organises a lot for international students but has difficulties finding a connection with the students. International students don’t know how to communicate problems they face or ideas they have to the administration. DISS stands close to the students but also communicates with the International Office and other departments of the TU on a regular basis. DISS as a committee also organizes cultural and educational activities, keeps information about studying and living in Delft up to date, and communicates problems concerning international students.”

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