On wednesday the 21st of November the 214th meeting between the Student Council and the Executive Board will take place. The meeting

Op woensdag 21 november zal de 214e overlegvergadering tussen de Studentenraad en het College van Bestuur plaatsvinden. The meeting will take place from 9:30 to 11:00 in the large meeting room, Building 26B, Van der Burghweg 1, 1st floor.

On the agenda are the following points:

  1. “Flexstuderen” – Parttime studying
  2. Vision on Integrity 2018-2024
  3. Update “Student world”
  4. Green Office initiative
  5. Engelse proficiency of lecturers

It is possible to attend the meeting as an observer. Would you like to voice your opinion on any of the topics or something else, you can always mail to info@oras.nl!