Vote ORAS May 10 & 11!

On May 10 & 11, the Central Student Council elections will take place again! The elections are the moment to let your student voice be heard. As ORAS, we stand for education of the highest quality, supported by good facilities and also for sufficient space for personal development. This year, for example, we achieved that […]

Opening hours

Check out the opening hours of the central buildings and faculties on campus. The opening hours can also be found on our instagram, where we share all relevant updates. So, don’t any update and follow us on instagram! The opening hours are displayed on the student page as well

Faction update March 2022

This is the monthly update for the month of March. In this update, you can read how the ORAS faction has been working om vegan coffee machines on the campus, the ideas of a new BSA, or a new platform where you can share and view all summaries, just like on StudeerSnel. Much more can […]

Faction update February 2022

In this update you will read what the ORAS faction has been doing in February! Please contact us via if you have any questions or input for us!

Results ORAS Comes TU you

Last November, we went to campus to collect the student’s opinion about online education. After a long period of online education, this was the moment to look back and make a comparison with physical education. Do students experience online education as a burden or a blessing? The results were presented to the Executive Board last […]

Faction update December 2021

It is already the last month of the year! Check out what the faction has been up to represent the active and motivated student in the past few weeks. For now, we wish you all happy winter holidays and a merry Christmas!

Solliciteren voor de ORAS fractie?

Lijkt het jou super leuk om je een jaar in te zetten voor de actieve en gemotiveerde student van de TU? Wil jij jezelf een jaar ontwikkelen naast je studie? Denk jij dat je geschikt bent om fulltime ORAS te vertegenwoordigen in de Studentenraad? Kortom: wil je solliciteren voor de ORAS fractie van studiejaar 2022-2023? […]

Opening hours

Check out the opening hours of the central buildings and faculties on campus. It is possible to study at the campus again without reservation!


Je kan NU stemmen voor de Studentenraad/ You can NOW vote for the Student Council!