The elections for the Student Council will be at May 21st & 22nd! That’s why the Campaign Committee is busy preparing for the campaign. Are you curious who these students are? Below they introduce each other to you!

f.l.t.r. Lars van der Horst, Tim Scholts, Emilie Jong, Zara-Vé van Tetterode, Yasmine Ouibrahim, Hielke Piera, Coco Langens    Photographer: Maartje Rempt

Our one and only number one is… Yasmine! She is a motivated second-year architecture student who likes to spend her time in the bouwpub. Besides being active at her study association by being involved in several committees, she is also part of the faculty student council. Next to a Dutch nationality, she also has an Algerian nationality and speaks French fluently. This is why she is also to be recognized from her unique family name. This name will certainly make an impression on you if you will vote for her on the 21st and 22nd of May!

Hielke is number two on our list this year!! This super smart second-year bachelor in Aerospace Engineering student loves sports and plays tennis. He is extremely talented in music and is part of the DSC orchestra. Hielke organizes classical concerts and Jazz nights. He thrives on discussions where important societal issues are involved. Hielke is also someone who can secretly enjoy physics facts.

The third person on the list is currently living on the other side of The Channel, our one and only Coco!. This proactive student has chosen this year to exchange her busy life in Delft for perhaps an even busier life in London. Before moving to England for a year however, she could be found everywhere in Delft: On campus, in the city centre or partying with her club mates at her student society, Virgiel. She’s truly a jack of all trades. Everyone in the Netherlands is stoked that she’s finally coming back to us in the upcoming weeks!

Number four this year is Tim! Besides completing his bachelor Mechanical Engineering, he spent all his remaining time frying snacks at a student association. Despite a huge number of snacks, he didn’t gain any weight. This has everything to do with his passion for hockey and his switch to Chemical Engineering. This guy knows everything about burning fats! His length and smile which never leaves his face cannot be overlooked and he’s definitely ready for the campaign!

Zara-Vé, the TPM girl of the group, who is always interested in a big data analysis. She does not have a plan, but rather speaks about strategies or long-term policies. Furthermore is Zara-Vé one of the most active students of Delft, concerned with Laga, ORAS and Curius. She is part of many committees, is an excellent student and also doing an honours programme. A very busy girl, but always interested in social contact. In May she will put all these things on hold to campaign for ORAS in the student council!

Lars is the number six on the list this year! Lars is a really fun architecture student, always wanting to have a chat. You can recognize him from his length and really good (hipster!) fashion choices. This funny guy always has a big smile in his face and he goes through life cheerfully. Besides, he really is photogenic. He likes to think about life and discuss it as well, which he can express at C.S.R., where he is very involved!

Hi! This is Emilie, determined to finish her bachelor of electrical engineering! Besides the fact that she is a true technical lady, she also stands on the stage three times a week to shine like a true actress! And as determined as she is with everything she does, as determined she is to join ORAS next year with the help of your vote, to represent your voice!


Je kan NU stemmen voor de Studentenraad/ You can NOW vote for the Student Council!