2017-03-21 ORAS Campagne #114325

While we, as the 44th fraction of ORAS, are concluding our year as members of the Student Council and are preparing for ourselves for the transition, the new group is eager to start their year as your representative in front of the board of the TU Delft. The new fraction has divided their topics and after a summer of transitional work, they will be fully prepared! Would you like to know who does what next year?

vlnr. Fieke Noordam, Daan Gorsse, Yannick Hoff, Carel Wagenaar, Marie Sam Rutten, Benjamin Schoemaker, Marijke Blom

v.l.n.r. Fieke Noordam, Daan Gorsse, Yannick Hoff, Carel Wagenaar, Marie Sam Rutten, Benjamin Schoemaker, Marijke Blom

To start off, the topic of education will be handled by Fieke, Benjamin and Carel and it is a promising one. This year, for example, we started the discussion on how to diminish the drop-out of first years in their studies, and this will certainly continue this year. Other topics might be the capacity problems the university is dealing with with respect to student psychologists, the minimum requirement of English Language Skills for teachers

Yannick and Daan will be taking on the topic of Facilities. Every student should have the possibility to study on campus, also during the weekends. This year we started a pilot of opening a faculty on the weekend by opening the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and it is up to Yannick to continue this work. For our ICT-guy Daan, this is also a promising year, including projects like the TU-wide implementation of Brightspace and the further development of the MyTUDelft app.

And last, but not least, Marie Sam and Marijke will devote their year to maintaining the Delft’ Identity. Now that the new Profiling Fund is determined, the discussion on Tuition free boards can be started. Also, the Sports and Culture Center is being renovated. As the completion date of September 2018 is getting closer, there are still a lot of things that have to be decided and Marijke is going to represent the voice of students in this discussion. Additionally, the Central International Office has been restructured this year, creating a lot of opportunities in for example Study Abroad, Exchange and so on.

To summarize, here is a list of the different functions and topics

Marie Sam – Chairman, Student Affairs –  RAS & CgVB
Fieke Noordam – Secretary, Education
Benjamin Schoemaker – Tresurer, Education
Yannick Hoff – Vice-president, Facilities – Campus
Marijke Blom – External Relations, Student Affairs – S&C en Internationalisation
Daan Gorsse – Marketing, Facilities – ICT
Carel Wagenaar – Communications, Education


Je kan NU stemmen voor de Studentenraad/ You can NOW vote for the Student Council!